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breastfeeding bib

While I was breastfeeding my children, I always had the same issue— my babies wouldn’t latch well or my milk would let down too fast and inevitably, milk would get all over my nursing bras. I would crudely stuff a burp cloth down into the bottom of my bra to try and protect it from getting wet. But it was ill fitting and bulky and would often come out or get in the way. And the last thing you want to deal with as a new nursing mom is having to wash nursing bras daily!


When it's time to start breastfeeding, grab the top flap of your Biiby and pull down your nursing bra.


Simply tuck the top flap of Biiby down into your nursing bra.


Rest your baby's head on the super-soft fabric and let Biiby catch the mess!

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Two Biiby breastfeeding bibs

Two Biiby breastfeeding bibs

Two Biiby breastfeeding bibs