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From the Inventor

While I was breastfeeding my children I always had the same issue, my babies wouldn’t latch well or my milk would let down too fast and inevitably milk would get all over my nursing bras and clothes. I would crudely stuff a burp cloth down into the bottom of my bra to try and protect it from getting wet. But it was ill fitting and bulky and would often come out or get in the way. And the last thing you want to deal with as a new, nursing mom is having to wash nursing bras daily!


I decided to start cutting out shapes from the cloth to design something more functional. After months and months of tweaking the design and perfecting the fabrics, I finalized a Biiby thats super soft, extra absorbent and functions beautifully.


We are so excited to help make breastfeeding better!


Our Mission

At Biiby, we strive to help mothers in all stages of breastfeeding. We believe in offering a quality, functional breastfeeding bib. We are socially conscious, environmentally aware and committed to bettering the lives of families in need.