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Top 5 New Baby Mama Musts by

Posted by Katherine Broughton on Nov 26th 2019

Top 5 New Baby Mama Musts by

Biiby was recently featured as a " TOP 5 NEW BABY MAMA MUSTS" by

Holiday season is here and Famadillo curated a list of their top 5 products that are perfect for new moms, and Biiby is no.1 on their list!

Jaime at Famadillo wrote a great article showing her findings, and here is a little tidbit on what she had to say about Biiby...

"Calling all the breastfeeding moms. How often do we walk around all day in “slightly wet” soggy nursing bras? It really isn’t fair. Now enter this awesome new breastfeeding bib and we are on our way to being actual humans again."

You can read her full article here ->

See our full line of Biibys here ->