Two Biiby Breastfeeding Bibs

Two Biiby Breastfeeding Bibs

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What's better than one super soft Biiby? TWO! If you're a breastfeeding Mama, and you're still stuffing wet burp cloths into your nursing bra all day, then a Biiby is what you need.


Since every Biiby is super-soft, absorbent, moisture wicking and eco-friendly--they're great for babies with sensitive skin. Regular cotton burp cloths are not antibacterial and can irritate your baby's skin. With three layers of bamboo fleece and organic cotton terry fabrics, Biiby guarantees to catch all of your breastmilk and keep you dry.


If you're a Mom that needs to pump on the go, make Biiby a part of your breastfeeding pump kit.